How does the wet spraying robot work? Detailed explanation of the operation process of the wet spraying robot construction site (6 steps)

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  The wet spraying robot is a high-efficiency equipment for concrete spraying, which is widely used in construction fields such as tunnels and underground projects. It has a high degree of automation, and the construction efficiency and construction quality are significantly improved. The following will introduce the work process of the wet spraying robot in detail.

How does the wet spraying robot work? Detailed explanation of the operation process of the wet spraying robot construction site (6 steps)

  I. Construction site preparation

  Before starting the wet spraying operation, the construction site must be fully prepared first. Make sure the site is flat and clean, and remove any obstacles that may affect the operation of the equipment. At the same time, check whether the water supply and power supply facilities of the site are operating normally to provide guarantees for the subsequent construction.

  II. The wet spraying trolley enters the construction site

  After the construction site is properly prepared, the wet spraying trolley enters the construction site. The positioning and placement of the trolley need to be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings to ensure that it can cover all areas that need to be sprayed. After the trolley is in place, conduct a preliminary inspection of the equipment and prepare for operation after confirmation.

  3. Start the equipment

  1. Start the hydraulic system: First start the hydraulic system of the wet spraying trolley to ensure its normal operation and provide power support for the next operation.

  2. Start the air compressor: Then start the air compressor to ensure that the air pressure meets the spraying requirements.

  3. Start the hopper mixing: Start the mixing device in the hopper to maintain the uniformity of the concrete material and prevent the material from separating during the spraying process.

  IV. Feeding and spraying surface treatment

  1. Hopper feeding: After the mixing device is started and operates normally, the hopper feeding operation is performed. The feeding process should be uniform and continuous to avoid blockage or overload.

  2. Spraying surface cleaning: Clean the surface to be sprayed, remove dust, oil and other impurities on the surface, and ensure that the concrete can be firmly attached to the base surface.

  V. Start wet spraying operation

  After all preparations are completed, start the formal wet spraying operation. According to the design requirements and construction specifications, adjust the spraying parameters (such as spraying pressure, spraying speed, etc.) to ensure the quality and efficiency of spraying. During the operation, closely monitor the equipment operation status and spraying effect, and adjust the spraying parameters and equipment settings in time.

  Six, treatment after wet spraying operation

  After the wet spraying operation is completed, shut down the machine and clean the equipment and pipelines. During the cleaning process, the residual materials in the pipeline should be thoroughly removed to prevent them from affecting the operation of the equipment during the next use. Finally, perform equipment maintenance, check the wear of each component, and replace damaged parts in time to ensure the long-term normal use of the equipment.

  The construction process of the wet spraying manipulator includes site preparation, equipment entry, equipment startup, material addition and spraying surface treatment, wet spraying operation, cleaning and maintenance after the operation. Each link needs to be carried out strictly in accordance with the operating specifications to ensure construction quality and construction safety. Through detailed process management and operating specifications, the high efficiency and automation advantages of the wet spraying manipulator can be fully utilized to improve construction efficiency and construction quality.