Will tunnel crossing faults cause other geological problems?

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  • Date: 2024-06-22 14:14
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  Will tunnel crossing faults cause other geological problems? Tunnels crossing faults may indeed cause a series of other geological problems, mainly including:

  1. Leakage problem: Fault zones are usually accompanied by the development of rock cracks, which may cause leakage inside the tunnel, and in severe cases may even form water flows, posing a threat to the tunnel structure and operational safety.

Will tunnel crossing faults cause other geological problems?

  2. Ground subsidence: Tunnel excavation near faults may cause surface subsidence, especially in areas where fault activity is frequent. Ground subsidence may cause damage to surface buildings and facilities, and also affect the stability of the tunnel.

  3. Impact of seismic activity: Tunnels crossing faults may change the original stress state, and may induce or intensify seismic activity, which is a potential risk for the long-term safe operation of tunnels.

  4. Failure of support structure: Due to the broken and unstable characteristics of rocks in the fault area, the existing support structure may not be able to effectively resist geological pressure, resulting in failure of the support structure, thereby affecting the stability of the tunnel.

  5. Tunnel deformation: Under the influence of faults, the tunnel may bend, twist and other deformation phenomena, which will not only affect the use function of the tunnel, but also may cause driving safety problems.

  6. Environmental impact: Tunnel construction and operation may have an impact on the surrounding environment, such as noise, vibration, dust and other pollution, as well as potential impacts on groundwater resources and ecosystems.

  In order to reduce these risks, a series of measures need to be taken during tunnel design and construction, including detailed geological surveys, reasonable support design, strict construction monitoring, and later maintenance and monitoring. Through these measures, the possible harm caused by faults to tunnel projects can be effectively prevented and mitigated.