Advantages of wet concrete spraying trolleys over traditional dry spraying machines

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  • Date: 2024-06-20 17:14
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  In construction, concrete spraying technology is an important link. Compared with traditional dry spraying machine operations, wet concrete spraying trolley operations bring significant advantages, not only outstanding in health and safety, but also showing strong competitiveness in construction efficiency and cost control.

Advantages of wet concrete spraying trolleys over traditional dry spraying machines

  First, wet concrete spraying trolley operations have obvious advantages in health and safety. Traditional dry spraying machine operations will generate a lot of dust, which not only pollutes the environment, but also causes serious harm to the health of workers. Wet spraying trolley operations effectively reduce the dust concentration beside the machine and outside the nozzle by reducing the dust generation during the spraying process, thereby greatly reducing the risk of workers inhaling harmful dust. This improvement has greatly improved the working environment on the construction site and helped protect the health of workers.

  Secondly, wet spraying trolley operations have significantly improved construction efficiency. In traditional dry spraying machine operations, the concrete rebound rate is high and the material waste is serious. With the use of wet spraying trolleys, the concrete rebound rate can be reduced to about 15%, which means that more concrete can be effectively attached to the construction surface and reduce material waste. At the same time, because the water-cement ratio is easy to control, the wet spraying process can better guarantee the quality of concrete, making the performance of shotcrete more stable and superior.

  In addition, the wet spraying trolley operation also reduces the labor intensity of workers. Because the spraying process is more efficient and stable, workers do not need to frequently adjust and maintain equipment, and the construction process is smoother and more continuous. This not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces the fatigue of workers caused by operating complex mechanical equipment.

  Finally, the wet spraying trolley operation also performs well in cost control. Although the initial investment of the wet spraying trolley may be high, the overall construction cost is effectively controlled due to reduced material waste, improved construction efficiency and reduced equipment maintenance costs. This makes the wet spraying trolley operation an economical and efficient choice, which is favored by more and more construction companies.

  Concrete wet spraying trolley operation has significant advantages in improving the construction environment, improving construction efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of workers and saving construction costs. It not only provides workers with a healthier working environment, but also brings higher economic benefits to enterprises. It is an important technological advancement in modern construction.